About Us

How did you guys meet?

Carrie went to elementary school in New York and her best friend was Dani.  Dan later went to high school with the very same Dani.  One night in the late spring of 2008 when Carrie was living in Nashville but visiting New York for the summer, Dani invited some friends to Metro Dinner on the Northwest corner of 100th and Broadway.  Dan got there late and was seated across from a girl that Dani had told stories about for years.  Before the food came, Dan saw that girl switch her dirty-looking fork with the person next to her, whom she did not know.  After the food arrived, he saw her feel guilty and switch the dirty fork back. He called her out on it from across the table.  Later that night they laughed a lot.  They have continued laughing a lot for the past 5 years.


How did they propose?

Dan first told Carrie that he loved her on a beach on Fire Island.  Five years later, they took another trip to Fire Island.  On the boat ride, while Carrie and Dan were huddled for warmth with their dog Millie, the fog was so thick that the boat captan had to pull over so that he and the crew could peer out into the mist in an attempt to figure out which direction land was.  Dan saw this as a particularly fitting metaphor.  Carrie was thinking about a puppy they had seen earlier named Pinto.

Later that evening Dan insisted they go up to the beach.  Carrie was cold and wanted to start dinner, but Dan insisted, so they began to walk.  Dan agreed it was cold, and ran back to grab his coat.  On the beach, Dan said some nice things about how he loved Carrie and how he knew he had found the perfect partner, and was generally working himself up to ask a pretty major question.  Carrie was talking about Pinto again.  Eventually Dan realized she wasn’t picking up on the gist of his prepared remarks, so he fumbled around in his pocket for a second, got down on one knee, and asked Carrie that pretty major question.

Shocked, Carrie shouted, “NO! NO! NO NO NO NO!” and kind of ran around in frantic little circles.  Dan was still down on one knee and getting a little worried.  He was expecting her to cry and hug him and say something along the lines of “yes.”  So he asked the question again, and she let out some type of positive affirmation that neither party remembers specifically.  Then they went back to the house and called the whole family and ate hog dogs and baked beans standing up by the stove.


Do you have a pet?

Yes.  Her name is Millie.  She is a border collie and basset hound mix.  

Given the opportunity, she will eat nearly anything – except for white rice. As of press time, she is gnawing lightly at her own shoulder.


Biggest rivalry?

Weird question to include on a wedding website template, but okay, we’ll bite:

Carrie likes to think of the sink garbage disposal as a quick and easy place to throw anything that she doesn’t want on the kitchen counter.  This includes (but is not limited to) tea bags, plastic wrappers, and the rocks that you put in the bottom of a flower vase.

Dan insists that many of those aforementioned items DO NOT belong in the garbage disposal and that he does not enjoy pulling tiny rock fragments out of the drain by hand.


First movie you saw?